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Does France count

ok, french guy website is

new site

one on India, Japan, China, etc

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check out foreign real estate (tangential, i know)

Ginza to Gurgaon

some hedge fund stories

Managers Use Hedge Funds as Big IRA's
New York Times - New York,NY,USA
But thanks to the peculiarities of the structure of hedge funds and their enormous growth, the tax-deferred sums that hedge fund managers earn may be far ...
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Activist hedge funds, buyout firms clashing more
MarketWatch - USA
In the past, activist hedge funds would help the process along by finding under-performing companies, criticizing executives publicly and arguing for a sale ...
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Unregulated, overpaid hedge funds feed fears of collapse
The NewStandard - Syracuse,NY,USA
As salaries of leading hedge-fund traders top a billion dollars, fears are mounting about an industry bubble. The secretive nature of the funds, ...
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Dutch to investigate hedge funds

Government to investigate hedge funds

Monday 23 April 2007

The finance ministry is to begin an investigation into how active hedge funds and private equity groups are in the Netherlands, finance minister Wouter Bos said at the weekend.

The announcement by Bos followed an EU finance ministers' meeting in Berlin. 'Some people say their [hedge funds and private equity firms] activities only account for 1% of the economy. If that is so, then we don't needed to revamp all our financial legislation,' Bos said.

Hedge funds have become a controversial issue in the Netherlands in recent months following their efforts to force several Dutch companies to split up.

Stork and ABN Amro are currently under attack from hedge funds, while newspaper group PCM was bought and sold again by private equity group Apax.

Bos said hedge funds could be useful in forcing companies to improve their performance and boost efficiency. 'But do such active shareholders damage the interests of workers, management and customers?,' Bos asked in today's Volkskrant.

'We have to ask if bonuses and golden handshakes are becoming bigger because of hedge funds and if long-term strategic thinking is being rendered useless by the funds' demands for quick returns,' he said.

This weekend's EU meeting focused on the need for more transparency by hedge funds. Ministers plan to draw up a voluntary code of conduct which they hope the big buy-up funds will adhere to

more for emergin



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Currency rates


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some other blog

who is this guy?

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Scary cocktail of risk?

some guys paste of a WSJ article

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Stock tickers?

I"m looking for a great collation of foreign equity indices, even indiv stock tickers

any ideas?

And speaking of Singapore

I was in Singapore also. What a place. I'm sorry not to have visited the western end of the Island. I only had the chance to tour some investment firms, all in the high rises near Orchard Road.
Ignoring the economy, i was taken by the a) trees, b) the ubiquity of English and c) the heat. It was for me, like Miami in the summer, albeit cleaner and with more English speakers :)

shots follow this

My visit to Delhi

Speaking of Emerging Markets; i was just in Delhi.

Looked at Real estate in the nearby town of Gurgaon. Wow.
While the pace and scope is amazing, i just happened to find a 10 year old copy of National Geographic. It could have been written yesterday. It noted nearly everything I might note today (poverty amidst new development, new high rises, the middle class, etc)

Some shots from my visit

a great little blog

this young guy in HK... LINK

Jim Rogers on Singapore

Hey, I was there... this a good read
"Living in Hong Kong..."

my competitor on Emerging markets (sort of)



I don't even know what to ask about Macau?

Other than gambling and casinos, can you make money ... on...


I missed this; Alternative Investments in Asia

Great conference, just missed it LINK

Singapore, Raffles, Hedge Funds (I want to go)

wow, if only i could strap myself into coach and fly to this

China, per top manager

check this out, from Reuters

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A bad July?

Anybody watch the markets this July?

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How to start a hedge fund (video)

some guy from U of Fla (yipes)

Photos or videos of top hedge managers?

this shot made me yearn for better photos..

or plain shots

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major bermuda hedge fund or

cool hedge blog

Sunday news

ah, its just a status thing

Telegraph also dissing the hedge funds

Morgan stanley to offer fund of funds (oh boy)

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conf for either hippies or hedge fund folks


conf for either hippies or hedge fund folks

hedge fund reader...??

article about widening types of investing for the hedge funds..

good blog, or just an aggregator?

recent hedge fund activity

Even hippies want hedge funds
.....see Financial Times story

Why the banks are addicted to hedge funds
....NY Times

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bloomberg has note/article on state of hedge funds

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Amazon books

Has nice comments inside book on hedge funds, called “Inside the house of money” , by Steven Drobny

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Fund managers at Everest Capital

names, etc

Everest Capital or evcap

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Random cool blog

not sure about this guy

Sun Tech (any good as play on solar?)

Suntech Power Q4 2005 Earnings Conference Call Transcript (STP)

Related Stocks: CHINA, STP

Suntech Power (STP)Q4 2005 Earnings Conference CallFebruary 13th 2006, 7:00 PM.



Hedge fund week on Asian funds funds drive growth in Asian equity market.pdf

Asia finance blog looks interesting to me…



Templeton talking

From financial times

Mark Mobius talking.. Its top ten holdings include stakes in Hyundai Development, Unibanco, Banco bradesco, PetroChina, China Petroleum & Chemical, Lukoil, Petroleo Brasilerio, SK Corp, Akbank TAS and Gedeon Richter.


As ps, I own small bit of this fund and I somehow recall it never did well….

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